New Jersey Online Poker: Looking Forward to a Better Year!

Regulated online poker gaming is now a reality for millions of Americans across the country. Leading the way is the Garden State, New Jersey with the lion’s share of online poker revenue. 7 years after the infamous Black Friday wreaked havoc on online poker, the industry has found its feet and is cementing its place in the online gaming world. Fully regulated online poker in

NJ is available through multiple land-based casinos in partnership with licensed online poker rooms.

The 888 network platform provider has partnered with the and US.888 as its online poker sites. 888poker comprises 31.73% of the New Jersey cash game market share, roughly a third of traffic/revenues for the Garden State (data from December 19, 2017). Several major poker events were hosted by & 888 poker such as the Sunday Majors, with a $40,000 guaranteed tournament and a $215 buy in, known as The Warrior.

The total number of entries for the Sunday Majors –888poker $40,000 GTD Warrior was 116 entrants on December 17, 2017. That is marginally less than the other two New Jersey online poker Sunday Majors hosted around the same time.

WSOP Champion Signed by 888poker

The new year brings with it many new opportunities and possibilities. For 888poker, there is a new face in the deck – Martin Jacobson. He was the 2014 WSOP Main Event Champion, and he is also the latest poker ambassador to join this ranking New Jersey online poker room. Jacobson holds the prestigious honor of being the leading money maker in live tournament poker play in Sweden with $16.5 million + in tournament winnings.

Martin Jacobson scooped up $10 million in tournament winnings at the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event, and he also featured prominently in 3 final table placings at the WSOP. Additionally, Jacobson made the final table at the EPT (European Poker Tour) x 4 times, and he also finished at the final table of the WPT (World Poker Tour) x 2 times. Now, 888poker lays claim to some of the biggest names in the game, including Natalie Hof, Chris Moorman, Dominik Nitsche, Bruno Politano, and Kara Scott among others.

What of the Tri-State Gaming Compact?

For online poker players in 2018, the most anticipated news is likely to be the gaming compact between Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada. With all three regulated states now sharing poker players and prize pools, we are likely to see an uptick in what industry insiders call ‘critical mass’ – a surge in player numbers to the point where it becomes a mainstream trend.

Before New Jersey signed the gaming compact, Nevada and Delaware were already sharing players. The inclusion of New Jersey, and possibly Pennsylvania will boost the number of active online poker players multi-fold, and ultimately benefit NJs online poker GGR.

In terms of overall population numbers by state, New Jersey ranks at #11 with just over 9 million people. The regulated online gambling state with the biggest population is Pennsylvania with 12,805,000 people, at #5 in the US overall. The other two online gambling states – Nevada and Delaware have populations of approximately 3 million and 961,000 respectively. The addition of New Jersey to the Nevada/Delaware compact will boost player numbers fourfold, and if Pennsylvania is included, the total number of people potentially in the mix is 24 million, of which a fractional number is eligible for online casino and online poker. The benefits of adding more states to the legal online gambling compact are increased liquidity, increased player numbers, and a more powerful negotiating position.

The Domino Effect is Coming into Play

Major industry pundits believe that shared players can also help to push up guaranteed paydays in the region of $100,000 or $400,000 + for Main Events. As far as tournaments go, figures of $3 million have been bandied about. A domino effect is currently in play in the online gaming market. When one state regulates online gambling, surrounding states get nervous and feel that their players may be pilfered by the regulated online gambling states.

As a result, there are now intense negotiations taking place in places like Ohio where lawmakers are considering bills to regulate online gambling after Pennsylvania moved in that direction. Revenues generated through online casino and online poker can add valuable tax dollars to state coffers. This is precisely what Pennsylvania is hoping to achieve with its sights set on tax revenues of $200 million + for 2018 from online gambling activity.

The X-Factor for Online Gambling

While everyone is focused on the ‘Tri-state’ online poker compact, there may be a dark horse running in the shadows. It comes in the form of legal sports betting in New Jersey. At the time of writing, the Silver State (Nevada) was the only state in the US allowing sports betting. However, the Supreme Court of the United States is currently deciding upon sports betting in the Christie versus the NCAA case. New Jersey lawmakers made the case that the federal government was commandeering the state’s authority by preventing New Jersey legal-age residents from enjoying sports betting activity.

To date, federal law prevents sports betting activity anywhere other than Nevada. Only 4 US states have acted to legalize online gambling, and many uncertainties remain about how best to apply the technology. Sports betting may be the catalyst that boosts overall gambling activity in New Jersey and other states. If the verdict comes out in favour of New Jersey, online poker or online casino will no longer be at the forefront of everyone’s mind – it will be sports betting and the huge potential it has in store.

Once sports betting is legalized, online gambling will likely follow everywhere. Already, daily fantasy sports are enjoyed across the US, and various US states have already adopted favorable sports betting legislation over the years. These include Pennsylvania, New York, Mississippi, Connecticut, Kentucky, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. It’s a case of watch this space because 2018 is going to be a big win for online gaming.

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