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Best Martial Artists Who Play Poker

There is no doubt that poker and martial arts go hand in hand. Martial arts are all about discipline, patience, and understanding your opponent's behavior. Poker is the same. The best way to describe poker is to call it 'martial arts for money'.

Many professional poker players started off with a background in martial arts - be it karate, taekwondo, kung fu, or jiu-jitsu. This is no coincidence.

May 10,2021

Who Are the Richest US Poker Players?

True to form, poker can make or break you. For an elite group of poker aficionados, the game has brought nothing but success to their lives. These guys and gals of the poker world are smiling all the way to the bank, with a combined net worth totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Regarded by many card players as a ‘war of attrition’ poker is all about outmuscling your competition by any means necessary.

August 6,2020

Poker Chips

The introduction of poker chips to the gambling scene did not take place until the 1880s. Poker players would routinely wager all sorts of valuable items such as nuggets of gold, jewellery, gold and silver coins, promissory notes, and the like. Saloons hosting Texas Hold'em games in the old country attempted to standardize betting tokens used in poker games with their own substitutes. Unfortunately, forgers never missed a trick and that's when branding of valuable poker chips started taking place at various poker rooms and bars.

May 4,2020

Poker Cruise

Poker cruises are the perfect vacation, complete with magnificent views of big blue in all its glory, island-hopping adventures, fabulous shopping escapades, and the finest cuisine imaginable. Once you've cruised, it's hard to top that experience. These all-inclusive, exotic adventures will take you on an epic journey, and you’ll get to enjoy the poker party of your life!

December 3,2019