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Poker Cruise

Poker cruises are the perfect vacation, complete with magnificent views of big blue in all its glory, island-hopping adventures, fabulous shopping escapades, and the finest cuisine imaginable. Once you've cruised, it's hard to top that experience. These all-inclusive, exotic adventures will take you on an epic journey, and you’ll get to enjoy the poker party of your life!

December 3,2019

Poker Chips

The introduction of poker chips to the gambling scene did not take place until the 1880s. Poker players would routinely wager all sorts of valuable items such as nuggets of gold, jewellery, gold and silver coins, promissory notes, and the like. Saloons hosting Texas Hold'em games in the old country attempted to standardize betting tokens used in poker games with their own substitutes. Unfortunately, forgers never missed a trick and that's when branding of valuable poker chips started taking place at various poker rooms and bars.

May 4,2020

Is Poker a Sport?

We all know that poker is a competitive game that relies on an element of skill, strategy, and good fortune. Had we replaced the word ‘poker’ with baseball, football, soccer, polo, or even archery, it's easy to see that the main characteristics of sport are in fact shared with the game of poker.

September 22,2019

NJ Online Poker Revenue Rises at a Steady Clip

Many groundbreaking developments have taken place in 2020, not least of which is a dramatic shift to online gaming. Geopolitical events have fomented an uptick in online poker gaming across the Garden State. According to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) earnings reports, there has been sharply reduced GGR (Gross Gambling Revenue) from land-based casinos and poker rooms. This has been offset to a degree by steep increases in Internet gaming revenue from online casinos and online poker rooms. 

May 25,2020