True to form, poker can make or break you. For an elite group of poker aficionados, the game has brought nothing but success to their lives. These guys and gals of the poker world are smiling all the way to the bank, with a combined net worth totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. Regarded by many card players as a ‘war of attrition’ poker is all about outmuscling your competition by any means necessary. The rules of play dictate that anyone and everyone is fair game; if you’ve got the skills and the firepower in your bankroll you can compete with the best of them and build up a kitty worth its weight in gold. Without further ado, let's head on over to the poker arena where the richest of the rich await. We begin our pulse-pounding countdown with a legendary character you may well know, Tom Dwan.


Tom ‘Durrr’ Dwan is widely regarded as one of the finest poker players in the game. A professional poker player with impeccable skills, Dwan is not scared to throw down big dollar at the tables, without so much as batting an eye. This New Jersey native, slight in stature, has oversized confidence when it comes to playing his favorite 5-card draw poker games. A big fan of No Limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi-Lo poker, he loves the live poker scene. Dwan has racked up many titles over his illustrious career. According to the Hendon Mob, his total live earnings amount to $3,399,747, with his best live cash of $447,844. Let's take a look at some of the biggest payouts he has received over his career:

•    $233,494 – 6 August 2019 – Triton Poker Super High Roller Series London
•    $252,320 – 25 July 2018 – Triton Poker Super High Roller Series Jeju
•    $300,000 – 4 April 2011 – Poker after Dark
•    $226,100 – $5000 +200 NLH (WPT – Borgata Winter Open, Atlantic City)
•    $324,244 – 7 November 2007 – $9700 +300 NLH – Championship Event (World Poker Finals)

What is his net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth and other sources, he's worth $10 million. That's not small change for a guy as young as him, with plenty years left in the game.

Jennifer Tilly is a name that many Americans know well. If you’ve ever watched Chucky – the devilish doll who goes on murderous rampages, you probably know Jennifer Tilly. She was the Bride of Chucky, and she starred in many movies over the years too. Her poker playing skills are exceptional, and her boyfriend, Phil Laak – another legendary poker player – got her into the game. She competed in the World Series’ Ladies World Poker Championship as well as the World Poker Ladies Night III and won. Her total live earnings amount to $1,029,348, with a best live cash of $158,335. Let's take a look at some of her finer performances from the world of poker over the years:

•    $98,000 – $125,000 NLH (Party Poker Premier League Poker VI, London on 17 March 2013) 
•    $124,455 - $20,000 Episode Five – The Poker Lounge + $5000 +180 NLH (Bellagio Cup VI, Las Vegas on 9 July 2010)
•    $158,335 – $1000 Ladies Only Event – No Limit Hold'em (36th WSOP, 2005, Las Vegas Nevada)

What is her net worth? Her total net worth is $25 million, although a chunk of her earnings has also come from professional poker play. 

Phil Ivey is another player from New Jersey, Absecon to be precise. His claim to fame is his incredible poker prowess over many years. He ranks at #8 on the US All-Time Money List, and at #1 on the NJ USA All-Time Money List. Phil Ivey's total live poker earnings amount to $30,311,759, with a best live cash of $3,582,753. Dubbed one of the most skilled poker players to ever grace the scene, he is the quintessential poker professional. Born in 1976, in California, Ivey learned how to play 5-card poker from his grandfather. Initially a weak player, he fine-tuned his skills over the years to become a legend of the game. By 2014 he had won his 10th World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet, and pulled in the biggest cash prize of his career. By 2017, he was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Let's take a look at some of Phil Ivey's greatest accomplishments and biggest paydays:

•    $429,274 – 22 October 2019 – €50,000 NLH Kings Short Deck High Roller
•    $923,639 – 19 October 2019 – €100,000 NLH Short Deck – Kings Super High Roller
•    $1,666,480 – 17 May 2018 – HK$1 Million NLH Short Deck Ante Only1M
•    $1,710,854 – 1 February 2015 – A$245,000 +5000 #21 the LK Boutique Challenge
•    $3,582,753 – 9 February 2014 – A $250,000 NLH – $250,000 Challenge Aussie Millions
•    $822,942 – 31 August 2012 – HK $2 million NLH – Super High Roller

What is his net worth? Estimates vary, depending on the site you reference. Celebrity Net Worth estimates Ivey’s net worth at $100 million.

Dan Blizerian is certainly on everybody's radar for many different reasons. He is a high profile celebrity playboy with a lifestyle conducive to the most adventurous jetsetters in the world. While not entirely a self-made guy – his wealthy father funded his career in the early stages – he is a self-made poker pro. Born in Tampa Florida, Blizerian is not quite a full time poker pro – he is a quasi-poker playing professional. He claims to have played in many ‘ultra-high stakes’ poker games, but this hasn't officially been validated. Some estimates have this poker player’s net worth at $100 million, others at $200 million. 

At the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, he finished 180th, and cashed $36,626. It is worth pointing out that this is the only official record of his poker winnings. Everything else is dicey, unsubstantiated, or simply hearsay. According to Dan, he racked up $50 million playing poker in 2014, but there is no official record of this anywhere in the literature. Many poker players believe that his money came from gambling in some way or another, but like the enigmatic person himself, it's a mystery where he competed for these epic payouts.

Doyle Brunson a.k.a. the Texas Dolly is a legend of the poker arena. There is no disputing how he earned his money, where he earned his money, or if he earned his money playing poker – he did. Doyle Brunson is what poker players call the real deal. Born in Longworth Texas, he has total live earnings of $6,176,737, with a best live cash of $1,198,260 and an All-Time Money List placing of 195. On the US All-Time Money List, Brunson weighs in at #103, and he ranks at #5 as the All-Time Money List Winner from Texas. The last time he played – 10th of June 2018 – at the $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship of the 49th WSOP, he finished with $43,963 in sixth place. Other notable payouts include the following:

•    $124,320 – 25 June 2008 – $50,000 H.O.R.S.E 39th WSOP 2008 – Las Vegas
•    $123,967 – 1 July 2007 – $10,000 World Championship PLO (38th WSOP 2007, Las Vegas)
•    $120,000 – June 2007 – $20,000 Week #14 Bracelet Winners Poker After Dark II, Las Vegas
•    $274,560 – 12 July 2006 – $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. 37 WSOP 2006, Las Vegas

There are many other hugely successful US poker players, including the following players and their attendant net worth:

•    Chris Ferguson  $80 million net worth, PhD from UCLA in computer science, 5 WSOP bracelets, and dozens of ITM finishes.
•    Phil Hellmuth  $20 million net worth, dozens of major tournaments, owner of a publishing company, poker celebrity on TV, and Poker Hall of Famer.
•    Scotty Nguyen  $12 million net worth, 5-time WSOP winner including first place in 1998.
•    Jason Mercier  $18 million net worth, with $19,757,227 in total live earnings, and a best live cash of $1,622,181. He is a #1 ranked Florida USA All-Time Money List player and number 17 in the US All-Time Money Lists.


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