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How to play online poker?

Online poker is enjoying surging levels of popularity around the world, particularly in newly regulated markets across the US. Online poker boasts many superstars, noteworthy among them is Chris Moneymaker, a US WSOP champion who gained popularity as arguably the most-hyped poker player of all time. His $86 bet in an online poker satellite transformed his fortunes, and ostensibly changed the online poker world forever. 

September 4,2019

How Can a Small Stack Player Win Big?

It's an all-too-familiar problem: You're starting with a small stack, and you’re keen to play for big poker pots. A short stack player is typically defined as any poker player with less than the typical amount of chips required for a specific game. The number of chips needed to qualify somebody as a short stack player depends on the buy-in, and the blinds. If a game requires 50 big blinds (50bb), and a player has less than that available for a cash game, that player is regarded as a short stack player.

July 22,2020

Irish Poker Rules

The Irish poker card game is trying to challange the King of the Poker Ring - Texas Hold'em, which is loved by millions of adoring fans all over the world. If you've been dealt a great starting hand in Texas Hold’em, you're in luck. Unfortunately, many players are saddled with weak pre-flop hands.

If you follow sage poker advice and only play strong starting hands, you may have to sit out more hands than you play. There's lots of variance in Texas Hold'em, and this can be a bit of a bummer to poker players.

January 19,2020

Poker Etiquette

Poker etiquette separates truly great players from the rest. Poker aficionados describe etiquette as ‘a set of unspoken rules’ that players ought to follow during their poker playing sessions as part of their poker strategy. This rather generic description of etiquette will not suffice. As a budding poker player, it's imperative to understand precisely what poker etiquette entails and how best to fine-tune your poker playing prowess so that you can conduct yourself with decorum at the poker tables. 

October 15,2019

Poker VS Bridge

Nowadays, poker is one of the most popular card games in the US, but back in the 1940s, it was bridge. At the time, the Association of American Card Manufacturers (AACM) revealed that bridge was played by 30% of men and 47% of women. But what exactly is bridge? You've probably heard about bridge, perhaps even watched as your grandparents played this game. 

January 19,2020