Ring games

  1. What are ring games?
  2. How to join a ring game
  3. How to play ring games
  1. What are ring games?

    Ring games are poker games played with real chips at stake. Unlike tournament chips, which are worth nothing outside the tournament, ring game chips represent real money. For example, if you buy-in for $10 worth of chips and leave the game with $40, you made a $30 profit.

    us.888poker offers ring games of Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo variations 24 hours a day. Ring games start when 2 or more active players sit down at a table.

    Unlike tournaments, at ring games you are not committed to play for a specified amount of time. You can sit down, play and leave with your winnings whenever you want. Another difference is that at ring games the table limits are fixed for the entire length of the game, whereas at tournaments the limits increase with each round.

  2. How to join a ring game

    See How to join a table
  3. How to play ring games

    You can buy in to a ring game with the maximum amount of chips, or specify a different amount in the window that pops up. 


    Mark the Auto rebuy options checkbox to automatically buy in again with a new stack of chips if you happen to go bust at the tables. Just select the amount you want to buy in with automatically, and click OK

    Click the Sit down button in order to join the table. If you would like to switch seats with another player, right click on the preferred seat and click the Sit here option. The table will rotate, and you will be seated in your chosen seat. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred seat in the Setting screen (Game settings tab) for any of our tables. Once chosen, you will be seated in your preferred seat at all times.


    To start playing Hold'em and Omaha, you have to post an amount equal to the big blind, or wait until the big blind comes around to you. In Stud games, no matter when or where you sit down at the table, all you have to do is ante up if you want to be dealt into a hand.

    As you play, you will find it convenient to use the automatic checkbox options in the lower left corner:

    1. Post your future blind bets automatically using Post blinds
    2. Sit out
    3. Muck all your losing and winning cards automatically using Auto Muck Hand 
    4. Fold to any bet that is placed during that round

    Checkbox option 

    Black buttons with colored stripe - Call, Fold, Check, Bet, Raise etc. - will appear when it is your turn to act. In No Limit and Pot Limit games, you can use the slider to control how much you want to bet, or just type in the amount in the slider text box. 

    Game Buttons 

    Before it is your turn to act, you can use the black auto-action radio buttons to determine what you want to do when your turn comes around. This is especially useful when playing multi-hand poker. 

    Sometimes a hand passes so fast that you may feel you didn't see everything there was to see (e.g. somebody made a crazy call and you want to go back and see so you can write valuable player notes on that player's betting habits). You can view an instant replay of the entire previous hand using the replay button on the top-left corner of the screen. 

    Previous hand 

    If you have several poker games open at the same time, you can decide how to view them by selecting the Tile or Cascade view options. 



    Enjoy the tables and Good Luck!

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