Poker Night in America - Episode 17 Recap – Pros vs. Bluffs

Poker Night in America - Episode 17 Recap

School’s back in session for some of the poker pros on Poker Night in America.

Leading the way is Chad Brown, who shows pros Tom Schneider and Dan Harmetz how to win with pocket aces. Schneider has 10 10 while Harmetz has K 10 and pre-flop betting gets the pot up to a healthy $1,100. The players check through after the flop of Q 8 3 the turn of 2 brings out a $600 bet from Brown, with the Harmetz and Schneider calling. The river of K brings out the big bet from Brown with a bet of $2,000, causing Harmetz and Schneider to fold. Smart, solid play from Brown won him the pot.

While Harmetz may have lost against Brown, he comes back in a big way. Hank Czarnecki starts off the betting with K Q and Chad Brown joins with Q 10 , Matt Berkey with 9 7 and Dan Harmetz with A Q , who raises to $700. The raise is too rich for Chad Brown, who folds, while Berkey calls. The flop of J 9 K helps out Czarnecki but the remaining players check around. The turn of 10 gives both Harmetz and Czarnecki straight draws, but with ace high, Harmetz has the upper hand. But still no betting occurs and they all check through to the river, which is a 7 . Harmetz bets $1,000 and Czarnecki raises to $2,850 prompting a quick exit from Berkey and an even quicker all in from Harmetz.

The move causes Czarnecki to ponder, “Did you really play AQ like this?”

Harmetz responds, “Hypothetically, would that be a bad way to play AQ?”

“It’s perfect at this point.”

“Would that make me a professional if I played AQ like that?” Harmetz asks.

“It would, sir,” Czarnecki responds before calling.

Of course I have AQ,” Harmetz says, flipping over his cards to reveal what everyone else around the table knew. Including Chad Brown, who reveals that he folded Q 10 , knowing back then that he didn’t have the nuts.

Bluffin’ Tom Schneider

After one professional shows how it’s done, Tom Schneider takes the reins and shows the table how to bluff. Schneider has Q 7 against Dan Harmetz’s 9 9 and Mark Bonsack’s A J . Through the turn the board shows 3 4 2 4 and after the river of 10 Schneider goes in big with a bet of $2,000. The strong move, despite his weak hand, scares off the competition and Donkey Bomber takes down the pot.

“Of course I have Ace Queen.” Dan Harmetz

“Of course I have Ace Queen.” Dan Harmetz

Tom Schneider bluffs his way to a win

Tom Schneider bluffs his way to a win