Poker Hands From Episode 11 – Gavin Smith and Greg Merson are in the Ring

Poker Hands From Episode 11  –  Gavin Smith and Greg Merson/>
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In Episode 11, we try to solve the mystery of how Gavin Smith can be so outrageous, yet so darn good at poker at the same time? Follow his performance in the hand below and maybe you can reveal the unique genius ways of the "Caveman"…

Smith and Merson Go Head-to-Head

Anderson folds from the get go in this hand. Drubetskoy 10 7 calls and then Baker, Schneider and Glantz all fold too. Smith 4 4 and Somerville Q J call. Next, Merson A J raises to $300 and Drubetskoy folds. Smith and Somerville both call again.

Merson Takes a Blow

As a conversation deepens about how former hockey player Dan O'Brian has never been punched in the face, the Flop comes out 6 4 6. The chat continues as Anderson reveals her short lived boxing career when she fought another woman in a bar for $100 and Somerville checks with his Flush draw. Merson bets $650, Smith raises to $2,075 and Somerville folds. Feeling confident, Merson ships it all in with $15,700. Gavin quickly makes the call with $4,500. The Turn is K and then the River comes out 3. Merson draws dead and Smith wins a $10,000 pot with a Full House.

Gavin Smith caught looking pensive

Gavin Smith caught looking pensive

Gavin 'The Caveman' Smith takes a $10,000 pot

Gavin "The Caveman" Smith takes a $10,000 pot