Poker Hands From Episode 21 - Prank Calls or Bad Calls

Lauren Billings explains how to make a great prank call

Between tales of prank calls of Al Adler and Lauren Billings, a pretty good hand developed.

As Al Adler tells how he pranked a telemarketer by telling him actually phoned a murder scene, the players are dealt their hole cards. And after a quick round of pre-flop betting there are four players in the hand: Danielle Andersen with A 10 , David Lin with 5 2 , David Baker with 6 4 , and Steven McLoughlin with Q J .

As the flop comes, Lauren Billings tells the table how she used to call her mom at her job at the school district and pretend to be a concerned parent with outrageous complaints about teachers. The flop of 5 6 5 helps David Lin who has three fives. But it’s Danielle Andersen who starts off the betting after a couple of checks from Baker and McLoughlin. David Lin calls and Baker raises to $1,125. After some hesitation and raises to $2,400.

David Baker takes a bit of time to think about his play and decides it’s too rich for his blood and tosses in his cards. Per the table agreement, David Lin must show one card if the hand doesn’t reach a showdown, so he shows the 2 . But then taking pity on Baker, he tells him that “I had a five.” Giving Baker some peace of mind that he didn’t make a bad call.

David Lin lets Baker off the hook.

David Lin lets Baker off the hook.

How to make a great prank call

How to make a great prank call.