Pro Perspectives with Jessica Dawley


Every week, 888poker Pro Jessica Dawley watches Poker Night in America and highlights her favorite hands from the episode. Go inside the mind of a pro and see how Jessica would have played the hand!

Hand 1:

Retiring from Florida

Retiring from Florida


First hand folds around to the button and Gavin just mucks an A , which is usually a raise spot for me. Aldridge raises to $300 with J 10 and gets called by Elezra out of straddle. They each flop a pair. Aldridge bets the flop and is called then turns two pair and is called again on turn. (I think Elezra should have folded turn because it's not a great card to call a second street on. The river brings two pair for Elezra who calls a third bet by Aldridge. (This hand should have finished on turn but Elezra couldn't find the fold button)

Hand 2:

The multi ways to flop

The multi ways to flop.


One of the most interesting hands of the episode was what I nicknamed “The multi ways to flop.” Four players say the flop but it was heads up after flop Aldridge (A K ) vs. Jaffee (7 5 ). Flop A 4 4. Aldridge cbets ($1100 into $1225) Jaffee calls. The turn is Q and both players check. The river is 7 Jaffee leads with $2375. Aldridge tank calls knowing he's beat. (This I don't really get because he’s not beating much, this is more of a crying call).

Hand 3:

The worst call of the night.

The worst call of the night.


IMO the worst call of the night goes to Matt Russell. It is 5ways pre-flop and 2 8 9 Raj leads $800 into $1575. Russell raises to $2100 with 8 9 (I like his raise here vs Raj). Raj tank calls. Turn is the 6 . Raj checks, Russell bets $2500, Raj calls. River 7 and Raj snap goes all in for $6,025 into 10k pot. Russell tank calls. (I don't like Raj's call on turn since he's not getting right odds. And I really don't like Russell’s call on river because everything gets there the flush and any 5/10 makes a straight. I think Russell got frustrated and made a bad call).