For every Money Play ring game, tournament and casino game you play at 888poker, you earn Status Points and Reward Points. The higher your status in the rewards program, the more benefits you get.

Our rewards program has 6 statuses that you can achieve at any time of the month. The amount of Status Points you accumulate determines your status in the rewards program. The more Status Points you earn, the closer you are to moving to the next status. Moving up can happen on any day of the month and your new status is yours to keep until the end of the next calendar month. For example, if you move up to Silver on May 15, your status remains the same until June 30.

Reward Points are payback for your loyalty to 888poker. The best thing about these valuable points is that they carry over every month so you can use them whenever you want.

Each time you collect Status Points for playing at ring games or tournaments or placing bets on casino games at 888poker we give back by awarding you Reward Points. The higher your status, the more Reward Points you get.

Status SP Threshold Number or Reward Points per 1 Status Point (cash-back)


- 2.5 (5%)


50 4 (8%)


200 5 (10%)


3,000 7.5 (15%)


6,000 10 (20%)


20,000 17.5 (35%)

A progress bar with your most up-to-date Status Points total is displayed at every poker table.

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