Up the Ante with Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments

Up the Ante with Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments

888poker features an exciting selection of online poker tournaments known as Turbos. These include Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments. As the names suggest, Turbos are much quicker than traditional poker tournaments. For starters, blinds increase rapidly during games, and it's possible to blaze through a large field of runners in double-quick time. In most Turbo Tournaments, blind levels increase in 4 to 6 minute intervals. When it comes to Super Turbo Tournaments, blind levels typically last up to 3 minutes.

While this makes for thrilling gameplay, it also means that rapidly increasing blinds can deplete your chip stack much quicker. If you're not careful, you could become the short stack player at the table. To guard against this, be prepared to go all-in at opportune times. Throw caution to the wind and don't worry about shoving all-in when required. This naturally results in increased variance, and brings Lady Luck into play more often. With the right skill and strategy, you can improve your winning chances with Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments at 888poker.

Why Should You Play Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments?

Pros of Playing Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments

  • Winners of Turbo Tournaments typically enjoy monster paydays in no time at all.
  • Players can advance rapidly through Turbos, from beginning table to final table within a few hours.
  • There is a lot more pulse-pounding action taking place in Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments. This is fast-paced poker with plenty of all-ins and flips.

Cons of Playing Turbo Tournaments and Super Turbo Tournaments

  • Turbos are known to be high variance poker tournaments. This means that it is largely hit & miss for players. Luck plays a big part in how these tournaments play out.
  • Since the blinds increase so quickly, you can get blinded out in no time at all.
  • It's tough to nail down any strategy for playing Turbos and Super Turbos since the blinds increase rapidly. Players are flipping and shoving all-in, meaning that your win rate will be impossible to predict. Slower tournaments with deliberate plays and poker strategy are much more predictable.

Are Turbo Tournaments Best Suited to Your Playing Style?

Players who enjoy fun-filled poker tournaments will love Turbos. Be advised that luck plays an important part in these tournaments, especially with the blinds increasing in such quick intervals. Consider the fact that you will likely be a short-stacked player early on in these poker tournaments – this means that you will have to go all-in more regularly. If you enjoy hitting the ‘All-In’ button, these tournaments are for you.

Another popular reason for players to compete in Turbo Poker Tournaments is time. If you find yourself short of time, these are the best poker tournaments to play. You won't have to worry about grinding sessions of play, and you certainly won't have to focus on long poker spells. Most Turbo Poker Tournaments only last for a few hours at a time, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on a couple of rounds at the cash tables.

Strategy Tips for Turbo Tournaments & Super Turbo Tournaments

  • It’s Not You, It’s Luck - Lots of Turbo tournament players berate themselves when they don't perform well. Unfortunately, skill and strategy have a lot less to do with these tournaments than Luck. In poker speak, this is known as variance. If you hit a cold streak, don't beat yourself up – you'll soon be holding the nuts – that's the nature of the game.
  • Play Tight After the Bubble – as soon the bubble bursts, poker players will find themselves in all sorts of trouble because they're in the money. Rather than shoving all-in, play a tight game. Move up the ladder, play conservatively, and make your way to the final table.
  • Adjust Your Game – During Turbo Tournaments, you will have to re-examine your playing style. Many players will be shoving all their chips into the middle on every hand, and depending on the blinds, you will have to adjust your game accordingly. Play more hands (or fewer hands) when necessary.
  • Take Chances – Turbos are poker tournaments where you have to take chances. You'll find yourself going all-in many times before the end of play – it's what has to be done. If you want to win the top prize, you must be prepared to gamble.
  • Steal the Blinds – With all the quick-play action, you will invariably be stealing the blinds a lot more regularly. This doesn't mean that you must play with abandon and go all-in on a 7-2 off suit. It does mean that you will have to steal blinds to keep your stack fat!


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