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USA Poker has returned

More features, safer platforms, and tons of action for US players!

Poker is back and better than ever! New Jersey is one of the first states to offer legal online poker but other states are quickly following suit. Whether you’re a New Jersey native or are just visiting for a weekend, you can play online poker with 888poker. Now that poker is legal and back in the United States, there’s only one question: are you in on the action?

The world of online poker has reopened to American players and now it is safer, regulated, and with 888poker – more fun! You have a variety of poker games , tournaments, and special promotions that weren’t previously available to American players. Online poker rooms offer something that other USA poker rooms cannot, instant accessibility and game types that are often hard to come by in traditional poker rooms.

Online poker for US players wasn’t always available. In fact, for a while, online poker was illegal across the United States. However, owing to recent developments in technology which allows poker rooms to validate player’s actual location and a reinterpretation of federal law, states have begun legalizing online poker.

And now that poker is legal in New Jersey, USA poker players finally have a safe and fun way to play online poker. Regulation gives players the peace of mind knowing that all US poker rooms are accountable and player’s accounts are secure. All of 888poker’s systems and software have been verified by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement(DGE) so you know when you make a deposit, play a hand, or withdraw your winnings, every transaction you make is safe and secure.

Of all the poker sites for US players, 888poker has focused on creating the best poker experience from registration to withdrawal and everything in between. In just a few clicks you can register, deposit, and start playing real money poker at 888poker. A lot of US poker sites focus on everything but the poker, all the while offering sub-par software and game types. At 888poker, you’ll get the complete poker experience from the moment you’re dealt your first hand.

When you register for 888poker, your first hands are on us! You’ll get $8 free when you complete the registration process. Celebrate the return of US poker with some free hands on us!

If you’re outside of New Jersey, you can’t play real money poker yet, but you can still download the 888poker software and register your account. The next time you travel to New Jersey, you’ll be ready to start playing real money poker.

US poker has returned and now with regulations in place that protect you, the player, Find out what you’ve been missing and play your first hand now!

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