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  1. General Terms
    1. In order to engage in real-money play on the 888poker Internet and mobile application (the “Gaming Services”) each user (“you”) must be physically located within the State of New Jersey.
    2. By using the Gaming Services, you agree to allow Caesars Interactive Entertainment New Jersey LLC (“us” or “we”) to verify your physical location at time of play, including by verifying the location of (i) the device on which you are accessing the Gaming Services (the “Device Location Service”), or (ii) your mobile phone (the “Mobile Phone Location Service”). We may employ either the Mobile Phone Location Service, the Device Location Service, or both, at our exclusive discretion, subject to applicable laws and gaming regulations.
    3. Under no circumstances will We nor any of our affiliates or third party service providers be responsible or liable in any respect for any losses you may incur as a result of your location not being able to be properly verified for any reason. By using the Gaming Services, you understand and agree that such responsibility or liability is borne exclusively by you.
  2. The Device Location Service
    1. The Device Location Service relies on WiFi signals to determine the geographic location of your device. Your device must have WiFi capability. You will not be able to play for real money on the Gaming Services from a device that does not have WiFi capability, or on which the WiFi has been disabled.
    2. Your privacy is extremely important to us. Geographic location coordinates are only gathered at the time the user logs in to the Gaming Services, and periodically while you are logged in to the Gaming Services.
    3. Device Location Service - Frequently Asked Questions
      Q: Do I need to be connected to the Internet via WiFi to be located? What if my device’s WiFi is enabled, but I’m connected to the Internet via a wired connection such as an Ethernet cable?
      A: You do not need to be connected to the internet via WiFi; you merely have to have WiFi enabled on your device (and be able to see other available WiFi networks). You can still be connected to the Internet via an Ethernet cable and have WiFi enabled at the same time.
      Q: Can I be accurately located by WiFi if I do not have other WiFi networks around me?
      A: In order to be accurately located using WiFi, your computer may need to “see” other WiFi networks within range. The more WiFi networks around, the more effectively we will be able to locate you. Dense, urban areas typically have a higher concentration of WiFi networks.
      Q: Can I be accurately located if I'm in a tall building?
      A: If you are on a high floor of a tall building, the ability to accurately locate you via WiFi may be compromised. Please ensure that you are located as close to ground level as possible and that you have multiple WiFi networks within range of your device.
      Q: Can I be accurately located if I’m using a public WiFi hotspot?
      A: Yes you can. However, please be aware that the Internet connections provided by certain businesses or organizations may resolve to a location outside of New Jersey, in which case you may have to try accessing the Internet from a different location / connection.
  3. The Mobile Phone Location Service
    1. You are required to provide your mobile phone number during account creation.
    2. To the extent we employ the Mobile Phone Location Service, after the registration process is complete, you may receive an SMS text message (from 16468635254) prompting you to confirm your consent to allowing us to geolocate your mobile device.
      Reply YES to the SMS text message to opt-in. You can cancel our Mobile Phone Location Service’s ability to obtain your geographic location at any time by replying STOP to the SMS text message, or by contacting us at supportnj@888.com.
    3. If we employ the Mobile Phone Location Service, your location coordinates will be verified each time you login to your account.
    4. Periodic reminders that you are opted in to the Mobile Phone Location Service will be sent to your mobile device every 30 days. No action will be needed if you wish to continue using the service; it’s just a friendly reminder!
    5. For help, simply text HELP to 16468635254 or email us at supportnj@888.com.
    6. Users may cancel the Mobile Phone Location Service at any time by texting STOP to 16468635254.
    7. Enabling the Mobile Phone Location Service will generate up to 2 SMS messages per month. Message and Data rates may apply.
    8. Mobile phone user privacy is extremely important to us. Geographic location coordinates are only gathered after the mobile phone user has opted in to this service as described above.
    9. Limitations: The Mobile Phone Location Service is currently available only on the networks of the following mobile carriers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Boost, Virgin and T-Mobile (as of the last updated version of this policy). The Mobile Phone Location Service may be (i) made available in the future on other mobile carriers’ networks, or (ii) removed from mobile carriers where it is currently available, at our exclusive discretion. The Mobile Phone Location Service might not be available if your mobile phone is roaming or turned off. There may also be some degree of error in the Mobile Phone Location Service due to mobile phone triangulation, therefore, if a user is located close to the borders of New Jersey, such user may not be permitted to use the Gaming Services.
  4. Other Terms
    1. All customer data will be used only by us, our affiliates, and service providers (and their respective affiliates) to provide these services. A record confirming your presence within the State of New Jersey may be retained for up to 10 years or as required by applicable state and federal regulations. We will not pass on your data to any third party other than to our service providers or any other affiliated entity, solely in connection with the offering of real-money Internet-based or mobile application-based interactive gaming services or in accordance with the Terms of Service. We will not sell your data to any third party other than as provided for in the Terms of Service and associated policies. Location coordinate data is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology into password protected servers. We reserve the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request, to avoid liability, or to protect our rights or property or as described in our Privacy Policy.
    2. Your use of the Gaming Services is conditional on your acceptance of the terms of the Terms of Service. In the case of changes to the Privacy Policy, upon the next login to the poker and casino client, you may be required to accept the updated Terms of Service before being permitted to play.
    3. In the event of any conflict between these Location Verification Terms & Conditions and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will prevail.

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