When it comes to the poker world, there is only one king: Texas Hold’em. Texas Hold’em is the world’s most popular form of poker, and while it has its origins in the Lone Star State, you don’t need to be from Texas to enjoy it.


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If card games had family trees, Omaha Hi would be the brother of Texas Hold’em. The two types of poker are so similar that they share the same look and feel, rules, and betting structure. Yet as Texas Hold’em charmed the world, Omaha Hi slowly built up a following as a more challenging, and extremely fun, form of poker.

A variety of poker games, a variety of Tournaments

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Texas Holdem
Texas Hold’em is the world’s favorite poker game. This intriguing poker variant boasts a player base in the millions, and it’s growing fast. It is played at the Main Event of prestigious poker tournaments like the WSOP, WPT and ANZPT. You’re dealt 2 hole cards, and you have the Flop, Turn and River to form the strongest hand. 888poker’s Texas Holdem games are played fast and furious, with big pots and affordable buy-ins. Whether you’re playing SNGs or MTTs, Texas Holdem is the name of the game. Use your skill, wit and strategy to beat the competition and win some!
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Omaha Hi
Omaha Hi is a competitive poker game where players compete with one another for the high hand. You are tasked with forming the highest-ranking hand in the game. It’s similar to Texas Hold’em poker, but hasn’t quite hit the same popularity levels. In Omaha Hi, you must form the highest hand with a combination of 4 hole cards, as opposed to 2 hole cards in Texas Hold’em. After the first round of betting, the first 3 cards are dealt – The Flop. This is followed by the Turn and the River. If more than 1 player remains, the showdown takes place. This is where things really get cranked up!
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Omaha Hi/Lo
Omaha Hi-Lo is like Omaha Hi, except for a key difference: When the hand enters the showdown stage, the players holding the best high hand and the best low hand will each split the pot 50/50. In Omaha Hi-Lo, you receive 4 cards face down. It is possible for the same player to win both the high hand and the low hand, by making 2 separate hands from the community cards, and the pocket cards. The rules determine who forms the best low hand (8 or lower), and who forms the best high hand. Hit the wheel (5, 4, 3, 2, Ace), and you’re already a winner!
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Blast Sit & Go (SNG)
Sit & Go’s, otherwise known as SNGs, are terrific formats of poker games for players on the move. These poker tournaments feature a set number of players and they only begin once that number has been reached. You can expect anywhere from 2-360 players per SNG at 888poker. Typically, you will be playing at either 6-max or 9-max tables. There is no late registration, and you play through various formats such as Super Turbo, Turbo, Bounty, Double or Nothings or Knockout tournaments. Games typically conclude within 30 to 60 minutes, and they are easy to play. If you’re looking to gain an understanding of tournament-style poker, this is the format for you!
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The Ins and Outs of Betting in Hold'em

Poker games are played according to their betting limits, with the following 4 options available to you:

  • Pot Limit (PL) - you can bet any amount up to the maximum size of the pot
  • No Limit (NL) - you can bet any amount up to the full value of your chips
  • Limit Texas Hold’em - you are restricted by the betting limits in each round
  • Mixed Texas Hold’em - poker games switch, alternating between Limit Texas Hold’em and No Limit Texas Hold’em

888poker offers players the widest possible variety of poker betting limits for added convenience. We offer low buy-ins for casual players and there’s plenty of juice for high rollers too!

Must be 21 years old to play | Bet with your head, not over it | Real Money gaming available only when playing in the state of New Jersey| If you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800-Gambler