Sit & Go Poker Tournaments

A Sit & Go tournament is a poker tournament with a pre-defined number of players (varying from 2 to 120), which begins once all of its seats are filled. To learn how to join a Sit & Go tournaments, please see Join a Tournament, in the Getting Started section of this site. Members may register to a maximum of six poker tournaments and actively play in two poker tournaments at a time.

A Sit & Go tournament commences once the predetermined number of players have registered. Participants will be required to buy in, upon joining the tournament. A Sit & Go tournament buy-in varies depending on the tournament. Participants will also be required to pay a tournament fee. Many tournaments offer rebuys and add-ons at certain points.

Once the tournament is about to begin, players will be seated at the tournament tables, in a random manner. At each tournament table there will then be an initial draw to determine, according to highest ranking card (by suit), which player will act first as dealer.

If the Sit & Go tournament is being played on more than one poker table, active players may be moved between the tables, as the tournament progresses and players are disqualified (run out of chips).

Tournament blinds will increase as the tournament progresses, according to a predetermined schedule. This stake increase schedule is available in the Tournament Lobby (please see Guide to the Tournament Lobby, in the Our Software section of this site). There are no recesses during Sit & Go tournaments.

If, for technical reasons, the tournament is canceled in the middle, participants who have already been eliminated will lose their buy-ins and entry fees. The remaining players will be refunded their buy-ins and entry fees, and will equally divide up the buy-ins of the players already eliminated (regardless of the chip standing when the tournament was halted).

The last remaining player in the tournament (has won all the chips) is the winner. Tournaments prizes are determined according to the Tournament Prize Pool Structure, in the Tournament section of this site.

The number of players and buy-in amounts are subject to change at any time by us.888poker.

Enjoy the tables and good luck!

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