888 Poker USA Tournaments

Looking for the hottest tournament action? 888poker puts you in the driver’s seat with different types of tournaments for players of all skill levels. In a hurry to cash out? Take your seat at our Sit & Go tournaments and power your way to instant wins. Looking for intense competition? Get comfortable at our Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) and dig in your heels for the long haul. We’ve even got Super-Turbo Poker Tournaments for our Texas Holdem fans. BLAST Poker is the name of the game, and it’s smoking hot with multipliers between 2 and 10,000 your buy-in. It’s all happening at 888poker – the premier destination for New Jersey poker tournaments!

What Poker Tournaments Are Available?


Imagine a 4-handed poker tournament with prize multipliers ranging between double and 10,000 times your buy-in. Are you game? Gear up for the ultimate Texas Hold’em poker games. The tournament begins with the BLAST timer countdown… 4 players will battle it out until just 1 remains. The blinds in poker BLAST tournaments are determined by the multiplier. 888poker currently offers multiple poker BLAST SNGs, including:

  • $0.10 BLAST SNGs with a maximum prize pool of $1,000 with a 10,000 multiplier
  • $1.00 BLAST SNGs with a maximum prize pool of $10,000 with a 10,000 multiplier
  • $5.00 BLAST SNGs with a maximum prize pool of $50,000 with a 10,000 multiplier
  • $15 BLAST SNGs with a maximum prize pool of $150,000 with a 10,000 multiplier
  • $30 BLAST SNGs with a maximum prize pool of $300,000 with a 10,000 multiplier

In all instances, the blinds will increase every 2 minutes, but the size of the ante, the small blind, and the big blind will vary according to the prize pool multiplier. When the multiplier is 1,000+, the ante bet can be $30, the small blind $150, and the big blind $300.

With Poker BLAST tournaments, the prize pool distribution varies according to the prize pool multiplier. With a x 2 multiplier, first-place claims 100% of the pot. With a 1,000+ prize pool multiplier, first-place claims 60%, second-place 20%, third-place 10%, and fourth-place 10%. The bigger the pots, the bigger the distributions – that’s Poker BLAST at 888poker NJ!

Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs)

Multi Table Tournaments (MTTs) are exactly where you want to be as a competitive poker player. No other poker tournament tests your skills and strategies quite like an MTT. Multitable tournaments allow you to convert a little bankroll into a big deal. Players typically buy in for a fixed price and as players bust and exit the tournament, the remaining poker players cash in handsomely. MTTs start off with lots of players and tables, eventually resulting in a final table with the best players in the tournament. The top 10% – 15% of players are typically rewarded with handsome payouts.

The top 3 players at an MTT enjoy the lion’s share of winnings. 888poker NJ is blazing a trail with an amazing selection of MTTs for you to enjoy. Be advised, that these poker contests are wars of attrition. MTTs are the best way to dive in the deep end and learn the poker skills you need to compete at the highest level. Transform your small poker bankroll into a sizable stash of cash with minimal risk. With a little coaching and fine-tuning, you can learn the best MTT strategies such as aiming for the top 3 places, playing the bubble well, and playing the player. Are you ready to get your game on?

Sit & Go Poker Tournaments

In a hurry to get started? Then you’ve come to the right place! SNGs are the perfect tournament for quick-play poker action. A set number of players compete in these contests, typically 2 – 120, and once the seats have been filled, the tournament gets underway. All players must pay the tournament fee to begin. Once the buy-in has been collected, it’s go-go-go. Many SNGs offer rebuys and add-ons as well. Players are typically randomly seated, and active players can be shifted around between tables as the tourney progresses. Blinds increase according to predetermined schedules and the last remaining player in an SNGs is the winner. The payouts are determined according to the poker tournament prize pool structure.

Rebuys and Add-Ons

Eager to add more chips to your bankroll? Then rebuys and add-ons are for you. Sometimes, a bad beat can set you back in a tournament. Luckily, 888poker’s got your back. Rebuys are available to players whose chip count is less than or equal to the amount of chips you started the tournament with. Just look out for the + button in your poker tournament to add additional funds to your bankroll. When you click the buy chips button, you will have 60 seconds to confirm your rebuy. If you want to add on, wait for the add-on periods. Enough said. Are you ready to rebuy or add on?

Where to Get Your Tournament Tickets?

888poker makes it really easy for New Jersey players to pick up their virtual vouchers to join selected tournaments. There are several ways you can get your tournament tickets, including winning them through prize pools at our poker room. We offer tournament tickets to SNGs, free tournaments, and scheduled tournaments. Once you’ve got your tickets, log in to your account, navigate to my tournament tickets, and get the party started.

For additional information on playing poker tournaments, Multi-Hand Poker games, and Multihand Tips, check out the Tournaments tab at 888poker. We’ve got plenty of poker tournaments on deck, and we look forward to seeing you on the inside. Take your seat and compete for tournament glory.