Increase your winnings by playing multiple ring games and tournaments simultaneously! You can register to multiple tournaments at any given time. Just sit down at our tables and start playing!

How it works:

  • Each ring game or tournament that you join will open on your screen in a separate window and an accompanying button will appear in the lower task bar. 

    Separate window 
  • us.888poker uses an intelligent queuing system that manages your tables. If an action is required on a table (tournament or ring games), the table window will pop up under your current active table. As each table requires an action the table windows will form a queue awaiting your attention. Once you perform your action on a table, the next table in the queue will pop up for you to act on, and so on. 

  • Keep track of how much money you have in your bankroll and how much money you have at the tables in the My Account box in the lobby's upper right hand corner (mouse over Total bankroll to reveal your detailed balance). 

  • To save you from confusing your Real Money bankroll with your Play Money and vice versa, before transferring to the Real Money lobby, you will have to close all of your Play Money games and windows.

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