Quick Seat Wizard

Use the Quick Seat Wizard to select your preferred criteria for your poker game, so you can start playing more quickly.

Selecting a Ring Game

Step 1 - Limit type
Choose between No Limit, Fixed Limit and Pot Limit cash games.
Find out more information about limits by following this link.
Step 2 - Maximum number of players on the table
Select the maximum number of players that can participate in this cash game.
Step 3 - Stakes
Select the stakes at which you would like to play. The numbers describe the Small Blind/Big Blind amounts in each table.
Finally click Play Now  to be seated on the table.
You can save time by checking the 'Buy me in with maximum chips' box which will automatically seat you in the best seat (the first available space to the left of the Big Blind) with maximum chips allowed on the table.

Selecting a Sit & Go Tournament

Step 1 - Select Game type
To find your Sit & Go tournament, first choose 'Sit & Go' in the Game type.

Step 2 - Tournament type
Select the tournament type in which you wish to participate. You can either select special tournaments (such as Double or Nothing) or in a standard Sit & Go tournament, you can choose according to the number of players (2, 6 or 10).
Step 3 - Buy-in + Fee:
Select your preferred buy-in fee from the list provided.
Finally, to open the tournament lobby you requested, click Open Lobby.