Poker Night in America – Season 2 Episode 17 Recap – Last Night in New York

Jennifer Tilly is hopeful about her chances going into the final hand in upstate New York
Poker Night in America | Season 2 | Episode 17 - Length - 22:00 | AIRED:
Description: The clock is ticking on the table at Turning Stone Resort and the players all know it. In this final episode in upstate New York the players try their best to maximize their hands before time runs out. While the episode starts out normally, by the end we see two all-ins, crazy hands and a crazy party. | Official Site

The first of the crazy hands pits Joe DeGeorge against Antonio Esfandiari, who returned to the table for a final crack at some action. Seven players put in a combine $1,050 to see the flop of 2 2 4 but after DeGeorge raises Frankenberger’s $425 to $1,825 the flies start dropping. Esfandiari raises to $4,200 and DeGeorge decides to go all-in for $11,750 and Esfandiari calls, bringing the pot to $25,400. The turn is a 4 which all but assures the win for Esfandiari, and the river of 9 gives Esfandiari the $25k pot.

Despite losing a big pot, Joe DeGeorge isn’t done yet. In the very next hand he goes head-to-head with Jennifer Tilly and despite it all, DeGeorge pulls out a miracle. Pre-flop there are four players and $1,475 in the pot. The flop is K 9 Q which puts Tilly in the lead with her straight of J 10 , but DeGeorge is within striking distance with A K . After Tilly bets $3,000 the rest of the table folds except for DeGeorge who goes all-in again with $5,850 and Tilly calls brining the pot to $13,175. The final two cards shock the table. The turn is a 9 which helps Tilly putting her at 69% to win the hand. But the river of 9 gives DeGeroge the full house and the win and Tilly puts into words what the whole table was thinking, “I didn’t see it happening that way.”

Party, party, party

Liv Boeree rocks out at the wrap party after three days of poker playing.

Liv Boeree rocks out at the wrap party after three days of poker playing.


After a long few days of poker, we get treated to seeing how poker players relax: with guitars, wrestling and a few beverages. After the final day, the Poker Night in America cast and crew party like “rock stars” (at least according to host Chris Hanson). English poker pro Liv Boeree even got up on stage and kicked out the jams with the local Metallica cover band, giving credence to Hanson’s claim. Other scenes from the party show Hanson wrestling Gavin Smith with no clear winner, poker players playing some pool, and some dancing. All in all, looks like a good way to end a three day session around the table.