Poker Night in America – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Retiring from Florida

Ken Aldridge is burned by the ace/king combo

Poker Night in America has been running good in Florida in the first eight episodes of season 2. It started its run with four really strong episodes featuring the first ever Ladies Night poker table ever filmed for television. It was hard to top that, but the next three episodes brought together some of the greatest and most entertaining players in the game and we saw some great poker. This final episode in Florida features some huge pots and some amazing plays which makes this episode a fitting finale for the first venue of the season.


Around the table for final Florida table are:

In one of the episode’s most exciting hands, Jared Jaffe pulls off a surprising win. The hand starts off with Ken Aldridge raising to $300 with A K . Matt Russell calls with 10 9 , Jared Jaffe calls with 7 5 and Mike Laake is last in with a pair of threes (3 3 ). The flop is 4 4 A , which gives Aldridge top pair and Lakke two pair. Jaffe and Laake check the action to Aldridge who bets $1,100. That knocks out Russell and Laake, but Jaffe calls, hoping for the flush. “No waiting, here comes the flush for Jaffe on the turn,” Chris Hanson says. Jaffe and Aldridge check to the river and the river is a 7 . Jaffe bets big with a $2.375 bet and after talking himself into it, Aldridge calls. In the end, Aldridge just couldn’t throw away that ace/king. As Chris Hanson remarks, “And yet another torrid love affair story of a poker player and ace king suited.”

Happy Ending to Ace King Love Affair

Not all ace king combinations ends in heartbreak, just ask Mike Laake. Matt Glantz is the first to act by raising to $700 with a pair of jacks (J J ). Laake raises to $2500 with A K and Raj Vohra takes a long time to decide to call with his pocket 7s but decides to muck them. The rest of the table folds back to Glantz who shoves and Laake calls, putting the pot at $22,400. They decide to run it once and right off the bat it doesn’t go well for Glantz. The flop is A 4 3 , giving Laake the pair of aces. The turn is a 7 which causes Raj Vohra to kick himself for folding pocket sevens. The river is a 5 which gives Laake the win. See, not all torrid love stories with ace king end in heartbreak.

Mike Laake gives a brief smile after winning with the Ace/King combo

Mike Laake gives a brief smile after winning with the Ace/King combo