Poker Night in America - Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Toughest Man at the Table

Eli Elezra gives some advice

The testosterone is amped up to levels not usually seen on Poker Night in America. While usually the players keep the competitiveness to the cards, in this episode players taunt each other with who is smarter, who is the toughest, and of course, who is the strongest. As host Chris Hanson puts it, "It can be hard to keep your composure at a table full of tough guys... but poker has a way of being the great equalizer." And in this episode, we get to see just how equalizing it can be.

Sitting around the table this episode are these tough guys:

As the first hand gets underway, Gavin Smith discusses throwing punches and he would mess tangle with anyone around the table except the two veterans of the Israeli army: Eli Elezra and David Levi. While the rest of the table doesn't seem too impressed, both of the vets get in on the very first hand of the episode.

The play opens up with Matt Glantz raising to $300 with a pair of tens (10 10 ), Mike Laake calls with 5 5 , Gavin Smith jumps in with K Q , Alan Richardson calls with 10 9 . David Levi has a pair of jacks (J J ) and decides to see who really has some cards by raising to $1350. Only Matt Glantz and Alan Richardson answer Levi’s challenge by calling. The flop is 3 K 8 and Levi checks, giving Matt Glantz the opportunity to take control of the hand. He does so with a $2400 bet. Levi takes his time deciding, while Eli Elezra tells the table that Levi was a paratrooper in the Israeli Army. While he jumping out of planes may not have frightened Levi, that monster bet from Glantz does and Levi tosses away his pair of jacks.

David Levi smiles before a big fold

David Levi smiles before a big fold


Richardson riles the table

Alan Richardson has had a pretty good run so far on Poker Night in America, but in this episode he runs good but afoul of the table. Richardson limps into the hand with 5 3 , Reg Porter raises to $200 with A 8 , and Matt Glantz calls with A Q . Richardson calls the $150 extra and the flop is 10 2 K . Porter bets $350 and the rest of the table calls. The turn is a Q gives Richardson the flush, but he isn’t out of the woods yet as Porter could still get the royal flush. Richardson bets $1100 and Porter raises to $2,800. Glantz quickly folds and Richardson takes his time but eventually folds. The river is a 3 and Richardson checks. Porter bets $3200 and Richardson asks how much it would cost to see one card. After a brief discussion with Eli Elezra, Porter says it would cost $10k. Richardson calls the $3200 and Porter flips over his cards. After Richardson flips over his cards, the table realizes that Richardson was toying with Porter. "Why are we wasting time, Alan?" Glantz laments. Eli Elezra just stares at Richardson with his palms up, silently asking, "What gives?"

Richardson remained silent.