Poker Night in America – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Busted in Florida

Ken Aldridge laughs off on of the most interesting hands of the episode

The cards and chips are flying fast and furious in this episode, so fast in fact, host Chris Hanson remarks that the table is more like “Hungry, Hungry Hippos,” than a poker game. Whatever is being thrown in the middle is being gobbled up immediately and it’s so fast that Hanson advises that “players make sure they have all of their fingers after a shove.”

The game was fun for most all the players except for Jean-Robert Bellande, who entered the episode down $25k and his night didn’t get much better.

The play starts out with Alan Richardson raising to $300 with K Q , Bellande calls with K 3 and finally Dan Weinman calls with A Q . The flop is A 7 5 which gives Bellande a possible flush draw but puts Weinman in the lead with a pair of aces. Bellande checks to Weinman who bets $650 and Richardson calls. Bellande makes his big move and shoves all-in for $4,325. Weinman thinks for a minute before ultimately deciding to call, which Richardson folds. They decide to run it twice and the first time the turn and river are Q 10 , which doesn’t help Bellande. The second run doesn’t help Bellande either, K 7 , giving Weinman the $10,225 pot and busting Bellande from the game. Overall, it was an expensive run for Bellande on the show, costing him $30k.

Bellande couldn’t get the cards to rebuild his stack

Bellande couldn’t get the cards to rebuild his stack


Honest Aldridge

In the final hand of the night, there is a little bit of good ol’ fashioned honesty at the table. But, don’t worry, it’s not too much.

The hand starts off with Ken Aldridge “Teach” raising to $150 with 6 5 , Richardson calls with A 2 , Dan Weinman calls with K Q and Matt Russell calls with 6 3 . The flop is 5 K 6 giving Aldridge two pair and Richardson a possible straight draw. Aldridge bets $600 and both Richardson and Weinman call, while Russell bows out. The turn is a 10 which gives Richardson the flush draw, but Aldridge still has some outs. Weinman and Aldridge checks, but Richardson bets for $1,200 and both players call. The river is 3 and seals the deal for Richardson. Aldridge makes a relatively small bet of $800, which causes Richardson to ask, “Teach, why did you bet so little? Last time you did that you were bluffing.”

Teach says slyly, “Right.”

“Well I don’t know about that,” Richardson says laughing.

After discussing what cards they may have, Aldridge says, “I’m gonna call whatever.” Everyone again laughs but eventfully Richardson bets $1,600.

Aldridge tries to probe Richardson for what cards he has, but after some entertaining table talk, he calls and learns his fate.

In the credits Aldridge laughs it off, telling us that he said he would call so he couldn’t go back on his word. In the end, Richardson ended up buying dinner for everyone, “But of course, I paid for it,” Aldridge said, laughing.